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Annual General Meeting 2022/2023

September 7 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Join us for the first meeting of the 2022/2023 year to discuss our Executive & Chair positions, budget overview and expectations for the new year!

This meeting is open to all members, including new and old, as well as potential joiners!

As we plan for an exciting year for our club, we will also be looking for members to join our executive team as well as fill chair positions. If you are interested or have questions please let Chantele, Amanda or Calen know. Hope to see everyone there!

We will be filling Positions for our executive committee and Chair Positions. If you can not attend the meeting and would be interested in helping out please let us know. We will be filling some of the following positions:


By volunteering for the executive positions, and attending the majority of the meetings, you will be entitled to waived membership fees for the following year.

Lethbridge Twin and Triplets Club Executive positions
– Ensure all executive positions are filled
– Ensure the members of the executive have an understanding of their roles and what their responsibilities are
– Attend and oversee all executive meetings and provide an agenda
– Providing a tie-breaking vote at executive meetings if necessary
– Oversee all club events, making sure the chair moms are organized and staying within the budget set for them
– Picking up the key for the church and making arrangements to be at the monthly meetings (or making arrangements to have someone at the meetings in their place)
– Being available to assist any of the executives or members with anything they may request
– Monitoring the bank account balance with the assistance of the treasurer
– Taking an overall interest in the club and ensuring all decisions that are made are in the best interest of the club and its members
– Support the president
– Provide support for chair moms and assist them
– Oversee and help organize play dates
– Assist in organizing the general monthly meetings
– Check the club’s email and respond to emails (new members, questions, etc.)
– Assist the Outreach coordinator in checking the club’s public Facebook page
– Provide new members with access to the club’s website and executive members access to the executive website
– Transfer Paypal funds to bank account when requested by the Treasurer
– Follow up and update the discount list
– Taking minutes at the executive meetings
– Sending out minutes from the previous meeting
– If the president and vice-president are not able to run a meeting the secretary will do so
– Oversee all of the club’s finances
– Deposits
– Write cheques
– Pick up the mail
– Keep budget on track
– Obtain float for sales
– Keep track of membership fees
– Attend Executive meetings or have reports available to be reviewed at the meeting
– Year-end report for the annual meeting in September
Outreach Coordinator:
– Order and distribute brochures for the club
– Check the club’s email and reply to emails
– Check the club’s public Facebook page messages and comments
– Follow up with any suggestions in the suggestion box from meetings
– Contact new members with detailed information about our club
– Follow up with new members and inquiries
– Stay in touch with all members to ensure they are still feeling supported
– Order and assemble welcome packages for new members
– Post a welcome post to the club page when a member joins
– Post a congratulations post when members have their babies
Fundraising Coordinator:
– Plan and organize the club’s yearly fundraising
– Ensure all rules and regulations of the fundraising are followed (AGLC, etc.)
– Arrange for production and distribution of all tickets
– Work with the treasurer to monitor costs and sales of tickets
– Attend executive meetings
Event Coordinator:
– Keep the event bins
– Make sure that the bins are given to Chair moms for the upcoming events
Preemie Closet/ Pumps and Pillows:
– Keep the preemie clothes bin
– Distribute preemie clothes as needed
– Keep pumps and pillows
– Drop off and pick up pumps and pillows with members
– Keep track of rental agreements and collection of money
– Maintain pumps
Technical Support:
– Maintain website and add events as needed
– Monthly online newsletter for members
– Check club’s email and reply to emails
– Assist Vice-president in providing new members access to the club’s website
All Executives:
– Attend executive meetings
– Attend monthly general meetings
– Provide support for chair moms and executive members


Chair Positions:

Any member may volunteer for the chair positions, by volunteering for any of the following roles, you would be entitled to creative freedom within planning and executing the following roles. This includes when and where the events are held, as well as what activities we will be engaging in. As always, you will have full support from our executive teams to guide you within the process and uplift you in your decisions. Each position thrives with 2-4 members per role to allow for the proper support.

  • Play dates: (2-4 open slots)
    • Arranging a variety of playdates around town for our members to be able to meet up with our littles and flourish in parent guided playdates.
    • Past events include Spray Parks, Local Playgrounds, YMCA’s guided planningy (free to the public)
    • Club does include a budget & overflow stock for Crafts and Snacks
  • Clothing and Equipment Sale: (2-3 open slots)
    • Join us by planning our Bi-annual Sale.
    • This includes selecting the date & location of the Spring & Fall Sale, arranging the rental and the set up of each sale.
    • Point of Sale(debit/credit) is provided by Calen Hildebrant for each sale. 
  • Mothers Dinner Out: (3-4 open slots)
    • One of our most popular events is our mothers dinner out!
    • This event thrives with 3 to 4 volunteers to arrange reservations, ticket sales, donations (if you so wish to included), and raffles.
    • In the past we have hosted our annual dinners around town, including The Italian Table, Luigi’s and Stellas but its dealers choice on what you would like it to look like,
    • Other options include gift baskets or other arrangments, its truly up to you!
  • Parents Night Out: (2-3 open slots)
    • Also a fun night to get away with your loved one!
    • Plan a night away from the littles, and try out some of the awesome venues around town,
    • Past events have included, The Place, Axe Throwing, Escape Rooms, The Round Table and Grabbing some appies!
  • Family Swim Day: (1-2 open slots)
    • Swim Day is a family favorite, where we rent out the Taber Pool for members and their families
    • Volunteering includes arranging the date and some snacks for our members families
  • Meals for Moms: (3-4 open slots)
    • Arrangements for new members to recieve the 2-3 meals after the little ones are born,
    • Storing and keeping track of the number of meals that are premade by our members,
    • Arranging the Meal planning and groceries when stock needs to be refilled.
  • Fall Event: (2-3 open slots)
    • Arrangements for our annual Fall Event!
    • In the past we have spent many years hosting burgers and dogs at the Cornmaze!
    • Other options are up to the planners, but can include any activities in or around the lethbridge area!
    • Volunteering includes arranging the dates and activities to fit within the set budget.
  • Family Barbecue: (2-3 open slots)
    • In the past we have spent many years hosting burgers and dogs within many of the city of lethbridges community centres or outdoor parks,
    • Other options are up to the planners, but can include any activities in or around the lethbridge area
    • Volunteering includes arranging the dates and activities to fit within the set budget.


September 7
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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Chantele & Amanda


College Drive Church, South
College Drive Church, South
Lethbridge, AB Canada
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